How to Choose the Right Tire Inflator

What most drivers are not aware of is that a tire inflator is an important tool to have. For instance, if you get stranded because of a storm or you have a flat tire, a portable air compressor is what you need to inflate your tires. In this way, you can get back on the road within a few minutes. How can you tell which is the perfect car tire inflator to buy? In this guide, you will learn about vital things to consider.

Storage and Portability

The air compressor you buy should be easy to transport around with your vehicle. Also, the inflator should reach all the tires with minimal effort. If you are planning to store the air compressor, you will want to ensure that it is small enough and does not take a lot of space in the trunk.


car tire inflatorIt is a good idea when you have a device that knows what you require. For instance, do you need an air pump with some of the settings programmed? Or, you like to input the settings? Do you need a unit that will turn off automatically once you achieve the desired pressure? Such little conveniences will make your device a bit expensive, but in most cases, such convenience is required.

Inflation Time

It is vital to check the duration it takes for the tire inflator to inflate your tires. That will give you a sign that of how long to wait before your tires are fully filled. For instance, if the tire inflator is faster, it means you get back on the road quicker. That could be a matter of safety when in a bad neighborhood or when you get yourself in bad weather.

Duty Cycle

This refers to the amount of time it takes for the inflator to cool down after using it for a given duration. If the duty cycle is longer, it will take a considerable amount of time before using it again. Get a compressor with a 50-percent duty cycle. That means it runs continuously without the need for cooling it down.

Tire Size

You can find tire inflators that can inflate large tires. It is vital that the compressor you buy is able to inflate any given tire size. Otherwise, you will have a fancy weight in the trunk.

It does not matter whether you are assembling an emergency kit for the vehicle for an upcoming camping trip; you need an air compressor.