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Practical Things to Do During a Car Breakdown

It is not an uncommon thing to experience a car breakdown once in your life. If singers like Gary LeVox who is the lead singer of rascal flatts can go down due to illness which caused the cancellation of their concert in Oklahoma City, automobiles can also go down unexpectedly.

Having an outstanding knowledge of your auto can save you from any mechanical dysfunction. Indeed, you can innovate your troubleshooting skills by coming out with do-it-yourself solutions during a car breakdown. With the right approach, tools, and a directory of licensed mechanics in the vicinity, any driver will have the confidence and peace of mind while driving.

The following are useful tips that you can do when you unexpectedly experience a car breakdown while on the road.

back lightKnow the Cause of the Breakdown

With your knowledge about your car and its parts, it is easy to identify where the trouble came from. Usual causes of car breakdown can range from engine problems, low or dead battery, transmission and brake trouble, flat tire or your gas is running out.

By knowing the cause of the problem, you can now discern on the next important thing to do.

Assess the Problem

When you find out what is causing the problem, assessing the problem should follow. How is the extent of the problem, and can you solve it yourself? By believing that you have the do-it-yourself solutions, you should take into consideration the availability of tools to be used, your physical condition, and the time you may spend repairing. If you don’t have the luxury of all three, then you can do the next step.

Convey the Right Solution

By assessing the problem, you should try to come up with an effective solution. If you seem not to be able to do it yourself, ask for help. Make a comprehensive report to someone you are calling for help. Identify the tools you need or the materials that are required. This will inform the one you called for help to bring a jack and wheel inflator when you have a flat tire or simply gas when you ran out of gas.

Ask for Help

mechanicThe importance of having a directory in your car or on your mobile phone is you can ask for help from someone within the vicinity. If other motorists don’t stop and offer help, then you might as well use the directory. If it’s a serious problem, a towing company should be contacted to bring your car to a car repair station. But should you need a helping hand, you may call a nearby mechanic to help you on the site.

The best way to do during a car breakdown is to stay calm and never panic even if you are in the most unwanted part of the road or during the darkest night. Auto breakdowns are usual experiences of car owners who do not give care to their vehicles.

Just like humans who should go for a general check-up every now and then to be able to determine their general condition, so does our cars also.


Tips When Choosing The Best LED Light Bar

LED lighting varies considerably and is mostly influenced by the user’s needs. Additionally, LED lights provide proper lighting in different patterns which allow them to be flexible and dynamic to various lighting situations. Hence, the choice of the best-LED light bar is technically influenced by the following best tips;

Type of the LED light bar


A Proper understanding of the types may LED Light bars ma assist n making the right choice. There are three types of Light bars which include; spot, flood, and combo. The spotlight bar uses a narrow beam that spreads approximately 300C. The spotlight bar provides on-spot lighting and is very specific on where its lighting is focused. The spot beam is preferable to areas that have low visibility or complex road contours that need to be focused intensely on avoiding causing damage to the vehicle. The flood beam, on the other hand, has a spread of about 60oC. This implies that its lighting is much spread out. The flood light is convenient for lighting a large area such as a worksite or a campsite. The combo light bar is a combination of the spot and flood beams. It is the most preferred choice as it is versatile and flexible to different areas.

Mounting area

The perfect mounting spot can also influence the choice of a LED light bar. This is because, despite some spots being easy to mount the size of the light bar varies, the intended use also may vary while technical abilities may crop up to hinder the mounting. There are several areas on can choose to mount a LED light bar in a car. The most preferred mounting locations and that give the user great lighting value especially within a car include; on front bumpers, above or below the windshield and some cases a combination of the two.

The front bumper is a strategic location for the light bar as it enhances road visibility and may act as a fog light. Moreover, the bumper light bar does not need to be long or wide in size as the location offers a perfect location for specific lighting. The lower windshield location gives the lighting an increased light lift and tilts that enhances its lighting usability. The above the shield position gives the car the best lighting angle and gas perfect room to attach the light bars.



It is important to understand the pricing of the LED light bars and compare them to the value you get when they are mounted on your car. Well, they should be within your budget which means that they are affordable and the price offered should not compromise on the quality of the light acquired.