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All About Diminished Value Appraisal

Diminished value is simply the decrease in the value of a car involved in an accident. When an accident occurs because of the other party’s fault, you have the chance to file a diminished value claim to recover your loss. Since you have to deal with qualified insurance agents, it’s a grand idea to understand the diminished value appraisal and have it done by a professional only. Doing it yourself may waste your time and energy, and in the long run, frustration is sure. For you to file and submit a diminished value claim, it’s necessary to understand the three types of diminished value claims and their differences. In simple terms, this post sheds more light on all about diminished value appraisal that you need to know.

Different types of diminished values

Inherent diminished value claim

Inherent diminished value is when a vehicle receives the optimum repair quality. Afterward, the value of the vehicle is then determined by its resale value because it has been involved in an accident. Inherent diminished value claim is the most outstanding diminished value argue that is popular and accepted. If a buyers are interested in purchasing your car, knowing more about its accident history will make them offer you less money or turn down the deal unlike when they don’t. When your vehicle gets involved in an accident, you lose money.


Immediate diminished value claim

An instantaneous or immediate diminished value claim is a bit different from inherent diminished value claim. The principal distinction between the two is that instantly diminished value claims the resale value of the vehicle is defined right before the vehicle gets involved in an accident and right after the damage occurs. In simple terms, the immediately diminished value is the loss that takes place when an accident occurs.

Clients often view this type of claim used as a channel to recover the lost value of their car. When your vehicle becomes involved in an accident, you need to repair it and get back in working condition. The cost of the repairs to restore your vehicle to its original condition is what is known as instantly diminished value. What the insurance company pays for is the pre-accident condition but not the pre-accident value.

Repair related diminished value

You can file for a restoration related diminished value claim if poor repairs are done on your vehicle after an accident. For instance, maybe the parts used are of low quality, or they are a misfit. Repair related diminished value claims are because of mechanical imperfections or cosmetic defects.

Before registering an application, it’s important that you know the exact model of your car. Your vehicle cost you lots of money, and you must be very carefully with it. When you get involved in a collision, you can file a complaint about the damage done. If you plan to auction your vehicle after the crash, you should chat with an auto appraiser to determine its real resale value.


There you have it- all about diminished value appraisal. Getting your vehicle repaired and maintained is something that every motorist should follow thoroughly. If you are looking for diminished value appraisal services, contact the right expert to get the assistance you need on time.